Month: November 2018

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Commitment… I met with a friend today, someone else within the industry. We were talking all things estate agency, as well as having a bit of a moan about a few things. One of the things we discussed was commitment, from buyers. One of the things wrong with this industry (well, there is more than … Read more

Brexit and house prices….

I thought i would finally put my thoughts on Brexit in black and white and how i think its going to effect the property market. Now, i did not vote. why? … because i felt i didn’t understand the implications enough to make an educated vote on what i thought was best…. but, the country … Read more

October 2018 – market update.

SO, its that time of year again, people are now thinking of moving in the new year and we are noticing a slight decrease in the amount of properties coming on…. or are we? I tend to use Zoopla alot as a point of refrence as all the main agents tend to be on both … Read more

Minimal disruption and maximum effort.

I have to say this summer has been amazing, we all spent most of our time living outdoors and certainly taking the long summer evenings for granted, enjoying friends and family round. Your home appears to be bright and spacious during this time but now the winter nights are now drawing us inside (like a … Read more