6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 3/6)

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6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 3/6)

6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 3/6)

Going for the “cheapest” agent because their fee is the lowest.

This one Is really hard to explain, so I have enlisted the help of a power point slide to help show you what I am talking about.

Pretty much, every single day, I go into meetings with potential clients to pitched why Nest is the best company for them.

And pretty much every single day, I hear somebody say “is there any movement on your fee”.

Which tells me 2 things.

  • They are clearly very interested in my services but
  • They are looking for the cheapest fee.

Now, my answer. Always is No.

Firstly. You WILL NOT find another agent who will work as hard, or as smart as I will for you. I also achieve higher than most (if not all) of my competitors and you will not get the same personal service from any other agent (try calling them and seeing if they will answer your call at 9pm…. I will!)

But. I know what both me and Nest are worth.

An example of this. It was between me and another local (high street) agent.

Now I quote 1.5% and the other agent half the price at 0.75%. (this is where PowerPoint come into play)













SO this is based on an asking price of £500,000. the owners house was valued at between £500,000 – £525,000 both all agents. both agents he liked would be given the opportunity to market the property at £500,000 as the owner knew he needed to be smart with his marketing.

now, we currently are achieving 99.4% of the asking price compared to just 96.8% with the other agent (which so i dont get told off, im marking as Agent X).

now we can see, on that alone, on average we are set to achieve £13,000 more.

BUT. we cant look past the fact (of which the agent was focused on) that our fee was double what the other agent was. meaning the owner was set to pay an additional £4,500 in fees….

which sounds alot. but when that is removed from the additional £13,000 we could achieve means at he is still £8,500 better off…. which is shown at the bottom of my highly technical graph..

so. what does this prove?

its simple, isn’t it? the ‘cheapest’ agent isn’t always the one with the lowest fee, its the one who allows you to walk away with the most.


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