6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 4/6)

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6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 4/6)

the garden.

This is something i see time and time again. lets face it, nobody likes to do any general maintenance to our outside space during the colder months. and the UK only seems to get 2 decent weekends a year (where weather is concerned).

BUT. getting out side, rolling your sleeves up (not too far, you’ll catch a cold) and getting on with getting the garden in shape.

One of the things that is overlooked in jet-washing the driveway and/or patio. visually it can make a driveway look fairly new. sure it make take a few hours and you’ll get filthy. no doubt in that, BUT visually it will look so much better.

Hanging baskets, renew them flowers, simple 5 min job but will make it look alive.

Weeding them flowerbeds, painting that shed, (and fencing) and generally having a clear up can make a garden look so much better.

Now think of it this way, when you turn up at the property for a viewing, whats the first thing you see? the kitchen? of course not! its the front of the house, so its key that the first impression is everything.

even painting the front door! you can get some great paints now for front doors to freshen them up.

now don’t get me wrong, these things WONT add value to your home, but. they will give less for the buyers to negotiate on when it comes to discussing prices, if your driveway is tired, the front door is rough round the edges, the fencing looks tired and old they are all things the buyer can try and negotiate with.

the fences is a great example. lets say the average garden is 35ft long, so were looking 10-14 fence panels (at a guess). each fence panel from somewhere like BandQ will cost between £18-£30. so thats £180+ then they will want them fitted so will expect 5x even 10x this for hassle – thats if they look tired. HOWEVER. get a £20 bucket of paint, give them a paint, they will look brand new! so no need to renew.

So. before you get them photos done, check the gardens, front and back and make sure they are looking their best. i promise you, it will make a difference.


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