6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 5/6)

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6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 5/6)

not being prepared when it comes to solicitors.

this is one i find myself encountering time after time.

we’ve marketed, and found a buyer, agreed a price. now what?

solicitors. thats what.

You’ll be surprised the amount of people i speak to who haven’t started getting their solicitors ready until they have ‘sold’ but the problem with this, you can lose weeks on the transaction time for doing this!..

So. once your picked your agent, next is to pick your solicitor.

now, im a firm believe or local is better, after all ‘if’ there are issues, its hard to ignore you when your sat in their reception. so stick local.

Get your quotes (but remember, like agents the cheapest is not always the best) and ask for all the usual protocol packs for sale and purchase. now, a good solicitor wont charge you at this point until they have the paperwork and start working for you. bear in mind at this point they have simply given you forms to complete and return.

so get these forms, complete them with every detail you can image, get together your boiler service history, your last Electrical installation condition report, any building regulations, completion certificates etc to do with your property, and have them completed and ready to go. that way. the moment you know your buyer and your sold price, you can enter these details and drop them straight to the solicitor.

think of it this way, if you agree a sale, then ask for the forms, the solicitor will most likely post them 2nd class, so it could take a week to get to you, itll take you a week to find the time to sit down and complete the forms, dig out all the paperwork and get it completed, you then have to find time to drop it down to them and verify your ID. all of which overall, could take you 2-3 weeks. thats 2-3 weeks before your solicitor can start ANYTHING!. meanwhile, they are sat twiddling their thumbs waiting for your forms.

so buy getting the solicitors sorted early on means you can get all this information sorted and get everything lined up ready so when you find your buyer, your already 3 weeks ahead of the rest of the chain.

from personal and professional experience. it is far better waiting on everyone else rather than them waiting on you. because when they are waiting on you, thats when the pressure starts.


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