A buyer’s journey…

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A buyer’s journey…

“im going on an adventure”…. the great words of ‘The Hobbit’…

now hopefully your property journey will be a little more pleasant than Mrs Baggins…

The journey of a buyer sometimes can seem just as big of a task. BUT as a seller, are you aware of the journey your buyers are going to go through?

Now, something that has made me think of this post, (you will have to bear with me on this)… Yesterday, i was asked by a client of mine to book a viewing for her. So, i called the agent.

for the purpose of this, we shall call them home estates…i rang twice and go no response, on the third..  ‘ring ring’.. i got…  “Home estates, how can i help”… i requested the viewing, i then was interviewed about 20 questions, then before she gave me any answers was recommending i speak to their broker. when i refused and explained i did not need the services for her broker, she immediately become unhelpful. she then called me back about 4 hours later and confirmed the time and date which i asked for.

now the purpose wasn’t too unpleasant, i then called agent 2, for this we will call the ‘home properties’… ‘ring ring’ …. Good afternoon, welcome to home properties, my name is X, thank you for calling, how is it i can help you today?…. now immediately i was surprised, the gentleman was very positive, overall the conversation went nice, i requested a viewing, it was booked there and then, no pushing brokers and overall was a pleasant call.

now naturally, i examine every part of an agents performance, however what i noticed was the sheer difference in how each call was handled. the first call, although it wasn’t the worst it wasn’t great, it didn’t put me in a positive mood at all and i didn’t find them very helpful.

The second call, genuinely, i felt quite cheerful afterwards. i found the guy very nice to deal with, answered all my questions and it was a generally pleasant conversation.

You see, so many people, before they sign up to pay thousands of pounds, they do not test the services of the agent.

So may people may view it as ‘basic customer service’ which in a way, it is, but it is the first point of contact. It is the first part of that buyers journey with that agent, they should be using this time to get to know them and find out why they want to view that particular property, that way, the agent showing them round can focus on what it is that attracted that person to view that property.

My point is, buying a property is a stressful journey as it is. there are lots of obstacles and it can almost feel like your taking part in a Ninja Warrior challenge at times.. you need to make sure the journey of that person is pleasant, all questions answers and overall it is a good experience. so they look forward to seeing your home.

If the person is bombarded with sales pitch about valuations and mortgages advisers it can quickly put somebody off or at least take the shine off the viewing for their dream home.

so before you decide what route to go down, give your chosen agent a call, ask questions about one of their properties and be sure that is a pleasant experience for your buyers to go through…

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