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Getting the Housing Market Back on Track in the Wake of Brexit storm

The Brexit storm has dealt a crushing blow to the economy that was reverberated through virtually every entity in countries throughout the world. People feared economic hardship and therefore worked to hold onto what they had. The real estate market, which was not expected to be affected, truly was. The people lost confidence in their … Read more

Some good news!

I promise i will refrain from using the B work as much as possible! Miles Shipside, head of Rightmove has released the property index and it looks like good news! With all the doom and gloom its refreshing to see some positive news. So, whats positive? Well…. prices are up! 0.8% infact! in a month! … Read more

DO NOT instruct an estate agent until you have this one number.

I’m assuming as you’re here this has grabbed your attention. I was recently watching a video of an interview with a great mind within the property industry and a great point was raised during this interview which I feel needs to be discussed as I truly believe this matter. There is no hidden secret that … Read more

Rayleigh & Hockley – how brexit affecting property prices?

It is now April of 2019, we have passed the original Brexit day, and still the United Kingdom remains cloaked in a fog of uncertainty over Brexit and what happens next. While political deadlock has meant little progress for the Prime Minister and her current withdrawal agreement, the British economy has been left uncertain about … Read more

The British Property Award – why is it important?

So, what is it? And why is it important? Well first we need to start with the company who created the awards, The British property award. It was created by a team of previous estate agency owners who wanted to create an award for estate agents to show excellence and be fairly judged. There was … Read more

LANDLORD’S, The tenant fee ban – will it hit your pocket?

The tenant fee ban. How will it affect you as a landlord? So, the Government are on a mission when it comes to lettings at the moment, they have now put into force a ‘tenant fee ban’ bill which comes into force on the 1st June 2019. So how is this going to affect landlords? … Read more

February market update

This month is a really positive update, the following information was taken from and was produced by Rightmove with comments from Miles Shipside.  it makes a really good read! positive news for our region! take a look and us know what you think?  National average price of newly-marketed property rises by 0.7% (+£1,981) this … Read more

What are some of the common questions that people ask?

Myth buster time! I thought it would be helpful to cover a few questions ive been asked recently, in the past 10 days ive been to meet some fantastic clients but naturally, they ask a multitude of questions, so I will try and cover as many as possible for those I haven’t had chance to … Read more

So you want to move?.. where do you start?

Where do I start? SO you have decided to take the first steps… It could be that you have seen something you like? Had a promotion at work? … whatever the reason sometimes knowing where to start the moving process can leave you struggling to see the wood for the trees. Well firstly, you need … Read more

Our story…

So we have reached the end of the first month of a new year… and everyone is back to normal. (well normal working routine, school routine etc).  But, for me, this is a great time for reflection, on the past 4 years and to look at our plan for 2019.  For those who didnt know, … Read more