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Tips for First Time Buyers.

1) How to start. How and where to start can often be a daunting task. There is advice everywhere and often contradicts each other. Mum and dad, or other relative often “want” to help, however can often (so I witness) take over the process and end up often telling you what to do, rather then … Read more

VIDEO – Nick lets of some steam about contracts.

Nick discusses Estate Agency contracts, and what to look out for….

VIDEO – Marketing material, and what FORD have got right, and estate agents are missing?

Nick Cheshire, Founder of Nest in Essex and Estate Agent in rayleigh talks marketing, and how Estate Agents are missing a trick which people like FORD are getting right. Discussing how it can have a lasting impression on your potential buyers of the home you are selling, and give them something to reference to

Fourth award of 2019!

I am over the moon! it has just been announced that Nest in Essex has won “Best Estate Agent” in the UK Enterprise awards 2019! That takes out total to 4 awards so far in 2019! (think we need to get a trophy cabinet now!) . What does the awards prove? well… over the past … Read more

How the team managed to save this owner £45,000.

Negotiation. Something we do on a daily basis. You see, people often think estate agents just “sell property”… but how do they do it? A good negotiator can be the difference of not just £100’s for you, not just £1000’s but £10,000’s. Here is a great example. Our client featured in a our success story … Read more

Client Success Story – Mortimer Road.

So, I mega excited about this one. I mean I get excited with every success story Nest have, but this one is particularly special due to its results. Meet plum tree cottage. Previous Next A Three bedroom semi detached house on Mortimer Road, in Rayleigh. I am sure you will agree. It is a truly … Read more

Getting the Housing Market Back on Track in the Wake of Brexit storm

The Brexit storm has dealt a crushing blow to the economy that was reverberated through virtually every entity in countries throughout the world. People feared economic hardship and therefore worked to hold onto what they had. The real estate market, which was not expected to be affected, truly was. The people lost confidence in their … Read more

Some good news!

I promise i will refrain from using the B work as much as possible! Miles Shipside, head of Rightmove has released the property index and it looks like good news! With all the doom and gloom its refreshing to see some positive news. So, whats positive? Well…. prices are up! 0.8% infact! in a month! … Read more

DO NOT instruct an estate agent until you have this one number.

I’m assuming as you’re here this has grabbed your attention. I was recently watching a video of an interview with a great mind within the property industry and a great point was raised during this interview which I feel needs to be discussed as I truly believe this matter. There is no hidden secret that … Read more