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So. you have a selling agent. but how about a buying agent?

Hi Guys! Nick here! – i thought i would discuss ‘buying agents’ with you. what is a ‘buying agent’ …. well, its simple. its an american way of doing things to a certain extent. when buying a property in america (and possibly other countries) you can appoint a Estate Agent (or real estate agent as … Read more

Selling through the same agent as i am buying through?

Should I sell through the agent I am buying through? NO! simple as that no. its not a great idea, I’m going to break down why. Firstly, they are working of the interest of their client. Which are the point of introduction is the place you may want to purchase. The estate agent selling that … Read more

Professional Photography…. why is it important?

Why is professional photography so important? Well its pretty easy to explain. would you send an electrician to do a carpenter’s job? Or expect a bus driver to be the stig? … no. You see, when your looking on Rightmove, Zoopla or Social media you’re only using one of your senses. Sight. So therefore, you … Read more

One call. it CAN make all the difference.

One call can make all the difference. I recently met a client whereby we discussed marketing their property. They had a number of agents round from various different models including online, hybrid and high street. On discussing everything with them they were pleased with my proposal. However, they were torn between two. Us being a … Read more

Conveyancers!… PCS LEGAL!

PCS Legal has three convenient offices throughout Essex, including, Basildon, Ongar and Wickford Our property Lawyers have extensive legal experience in all aspects of Property and Probate Law, and are suitably qualified to deal with any needs that may arise during the course of your transaction. We provide a fast and efficient service, which at … Read more

One week to the big move!

Now the process is in full swing, moving day is creeping up very, very fast. Here are a few helpful points to help ensure everything is done before you pack the last box and take the next step. Feel free to print this off and use it to assist you. • Confirm the date and … Read more

3-4 weeks from the big move!

When it comes to moving home, there is no such thing as enough time. The sooner you start cracking through the following, the less stressed you will be. • Get quotes from 3-4 removal companies – The British Association of Removers is a good starting point. Negotiate hard to get the best possible price. • … Read more

On the hunt… for a property

This can become the most frustrating part of taking the step to move home. Nest In Essex advises you only start looking at properties and booking viewings when you’ve achieved a sale on your property. If you chose an estate agent other than Nest In Essex, you may find they’re more interested in getting your … Read more

Viewings… what do i do?

Viewings can always be daunting, especially if it’s not something you’ve done before. within a short space of time of deciding to move you could potentially have strangers walking round your home with can seem very surreal. “Remember, you’re there to show them round, not sell the property” I would always advise getting your agent … Read more

Preparing for Pictures

This can be one of the most frustrating bits, and yet it is the first step in making that move you want possible!.. When it comes to this part, you have already picked you agent, you know which route you will be going down. its now time to get your home show ready.. So. where … Read more