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You ARE important! 

Nest in Essex are slightly different to your usual “Estate Agency” whereby we feel that building relationships with buyers is just important as with seller. After all, without great buyers, properties wouldnt sell!! 

You can register your details by clicking the button below, this will enter you onto our mailing list whereby we can ensure we keep you informed of any properties BEFORE they go live on and 

But we are here for help and advice too! even if, you aren’t buying a property through us!! 

Here is a thought for you!  

When buying a property through an ‘Estate Agency’ the agent you are dealing with is acting on behalf of a seller!…Their job, is to get the seller the MOST money possible. it is their role. BUT, who is making sure you get get the best possible price?…. that is why you need a buying agent! 

Traditionally, all agents involved with a transaction legally represent the seller (both the estate agent and selling agent). When a buyer’s agent is involved, the person buying the property is represented by the “buyers agent” whose job is to ensure the buyer pay the lowest possible purchase price. 

Sound good?…. wait until you see the results! 

With Nest in Essex as your representative, you could save thousands! infact, our clients save on average £11,388 from our negotiation. best of all, if you dont save. it doesn’t cost you a penny! 



So how does it work?

imagine this. you have NO calls from estate agents!…we all know, Estate Agents have a habit of making a pest of themselves, calling every 5 mins and emailing more than that! well, we take the hassle for you!! so all you need to do is look online!… and turn up at the viewing of course! 

how?… we build lasting relationships with the agents you could possible buy through, we then book the viewing for you, in our name. all you then need to do is turn up. IF you like the property, we will then handle the negotiation for you ensuring you agree the best possible price on your purchase. we will then be along your side throughout the transaction to ensure we advice throughout, liaising with all parties and keeping you involved with the entire process. once exchange the work is done and you can enjoy your future knowing you got the best possible deal on your purchase using Nest! 


sound too good to be true?

It isn’t!… 
Meet Vincent! 
Vincent and his wife bought this bungalow, the listing price was £290,000. which Vincent was happy to pay. 
Vincent had a £55,000 deposit and his monthly repayments for the property at £290,000 would of been £1,152 per month! 
Nest in Essex were instructed as his buying agent, and as a result the price agreed was £270,000. this meant his monthly payments on his mortgage reduced to £1,028. which meant by the negotiation alone Vincent was saving £20,000 on the amount he borrowed which was saving him £124 a month on his repayments. 

So Vincent saved an initial £20,000. his mortgage was over a 3 year term, meaning he saved £4,464 over his term due to the £20,000 saving meaning over the 3 year period, Vincent was £24,464 better off buy using Nest in Essex to act on his behalf! 

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