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Commitment… I met with a friend today, someone else within the industry. We were talking all things estate agency, as well as having a bit of a moan about a few things. One of the things we discussed was commitment, from buyers. One of the things wrong with this industry (well, there is more than … Read more

October 2018 – market update.

SO, its that time of year again, people are now thinking of moving in the new year and we are noticing a slight decrease in the amount of properties coming on…. or are we? I tend to use Zoopla alot as a point of refrence as all the main agents tend to be on both … Read more

6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 3/6)

6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 3/6) Going for the “cheapest” agent because their fee is the lowest. This one Is really hard to explain, so I have enlisted the help of a power point slide to help show you what I am talking about. Pretty much, every single day, I … Read more

6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 1/6)

6 costly mistakes to avoid when selling your home (part 1/6) Price. Pricing too high is a hard thing to avoid. Imagine you feel your home is worth £400,000 and you get told the agent can get you £410,000 or even £415,000 so they advise marketing at £425,000…. Who would say no to an extra … Read more

Deposit. should Estate agents be taking them?

Should we take deposits for properties? In the UK there is very little commitment for any purchaser to make on a property should they wish to purchase the property which gives the seller little security right up until exchange of contacts, the same for buyers… sellers can pull out at almost any point. Some ‘new … Read more

Estate agent? has the role changed?

i think so! …. as time is going the market is changing, i look at other countries and notice the their property industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. so why hasn’t the UK’s? If anything i would say it has got more complex! there are more checks, longer conveyancing times, more surveys, … Read more

Nest are now PROUD sponsors of Grovewood Primary School.

We have some GOOD NEWS! On the 22nd February we had a visit from Clare & Michelle from Grove Wood primary school’s parent’s associations (also known as PAGWPS) to discuss the potential support/sponsorship between themselves and Nest. During the meeting we discussed various things, bounced around loads of ideas and they have agreed that Nest … Read more