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Coronavirus Rent Update for Landlords in Rayleigh or Hockley

In this two-minute read, we look at some sensible and practical advice for landlords wondering what to do during the Coronavirus outbreak. The only thing that seems certain during this period of history is the uncertainty we’re all experiencing. And for landlords and tenants this a particularly anxious time. A respected industry body recently issued … Read more

Are you bored in Rayleigh or Hockley? Check these facts out for next level boredom

In this article, we discover there are levels to boredom and share with you the World’s most boring museum, film, town and date. A surprisingly interesting 3-minute read. At Nest in Essex we’re a positive bunch and see the lockdown across Rayleigh and Hockley as being safe at home rather than stuck indoors. The national … Read more

Five jobs you can do around your Rayleigh & Hockley home during lockdown

In this two-minute read, we discover five jobs you can do around your home, which will stave off boredom, save you a few pounds and make you feel a little better. We’re entering week three of the national lockdown. Or is it week 4? Time seems to be passing differently at the moment it seems, … Read more

Feel good Friday Update for People in Rayleigh & Hockley

**IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! – Feel good Friday! we promised to make this a weekly thing 🙂 A Feel good Friday Update for People in Rayleigh & Hockley In this 90 second read we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during life under lockdown. Welcome to the second … Read more

Coronavirus Update – Four questions tenants and landlords need answers to in Rayleigh & Hockley

In this four-minute read, we look at the Government’s guidelines around questions tenants and landlords across Rayleigh & Hockley are asking us. The Government has issued information about the rights and responsibilities that both tenants and landlords in Rayleigh & Hockley have during the Coronavirus outbreak. Below are four common questions being asked by people … Read more

Time on your hands in Rayleigh & Hockley? Check out these 10 Binge-worthy Box Sets

Many of us have a little more time on our hands than usual at the moment. And while learning a new language, trying at-home workouts and reading classic literature is all well and good, you can’t beat a good bit of sitting on the sofa and binging on addictive TV shows. At Nest in Essex … Read more

Seven Tips to Save Money in Rayleigh & Hockley.

A 2-minute read. In this article, we share six tips from Mr Money Saving Expert – Martin Lewis on how you can make the most of your financial resources during this period of uncertainty. With all that’s happened during the past three weeks, you would be easily forgiven for losing sight of your personal and … Read more

Four Fantastic Tips on getting your Rayleigh & Hockley home organised from the Queen of Clean

In this two and a bit minute read, we look at four fantastic ways you can use the ‘lockdown’ to take on those decluttering chores, you never get a chance to do. You know those jobs you always said you’d sort out when you got time? Well with the Government’s instructions to Stay at Home, … Read more

Introducing Feelgood Friday in Rayleigh & Hockley

In this 2-minute update we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during these tough times. Welcome to what will be a regular Feelgood Friday update from us at Nest in Essex. For every episode of selfish panic buying in Rayleigh & Hockley, there are a dozen more examples … Read more

Coronavirus update: What Landlords in Rayleigh & Hockley Need to Know

In this three-minute read, we share a Coronavirus information update for landlords in Rayleigh & Hockley. The situation and advice available following the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is continually changing. At Nest in Essex we are doing all we can to keep landlords and tenants in Rayleigh & Hockley as up to date as possible.And we … Read more

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