Covid-19 statement from Nick.

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Covid-19 statement from Nick.

Hi everyone.

I am sure as we have all seen (it’s unavoidable unless your Tom Hanks on a remote island!) About the Covid-19/Coronavirus outbreak.

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t slightly concerned over what is going on… BUT, I like to think of myself as a calm, collected person and I’m applying logic wherever possible.

There are a few things that will be changing going forward, with the sole aim to minimise any disruption to my clients as possible.

For those on the market “for sale”
– We will try and keep viewings to a minimum. Before a viewing a viewer will be asked to sanitise their hands, and the same after. That way to minimise the risk of them bringing any infection into your property. I will also ask, they restrict the surfaces they touch inside the property including keeping shoes on wherever possible. Any viewers not willing to take these steps will be asked to leave.

-I will ask all viewers on the day (prior to arriving) if they have any flu like symptoms or high temperature / cough. I will ask that if you have any of these to let me know ASAP.

-If I am to conduct the viewings, I would kindly ask you to go out while I conduct the viewings (to keep contact to a minimum) is this is possible. If you are to do the viewings this is fine, I will continue the suggested plan (minus me actually being there!)

-we have produced videos for most properties (and those who haven’t got videos I will arrange to do this next week). This way we will send the link to the video to a viewer before they view the property so they have an opportunity to see the home in a different way, that way if they see something they don’t like it will minimise the risk of people “testing the water” by viewing or not showing up. If they still want to view, we will then proceed with a viewing.

– We will not be giving out the normal property details at a viewing (for obvious reasons) but instead I will ensure they are emailed to each client once they have viewed the property.

-it is to be expected, very little interest in the market over the next few weeks/month. Please be aware of this. I will ensure I try everything I can to try and generate business (its my job!) but I cannot promise anything. It is likely to be the toughest market this country has ever seen but I will do my best at all times. All I ask is that if you don’t get much interest, you don’t switch agent unnecessarily. Please rest assured I’m doing everything I can.

For those sold.

  • To my knowledge and until the Government say otherwise. Solicitors will be working from home as much as possible. Things will continue to move forward, and I am yet to see or hear of any reason why a sale will not go through. Naturally there is always a risk in these times of people “pulling out” of a transaction. However, I will do my best throughout this process to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • Try not to go to any solicitor branch if you can avoid it. If need be, I will collect the paperwork from you and deliver it myself (or email it). It will be quicker and easier that way as most solicitors are accepting clients into the office. If you do need to go to your solicitor, please call them beforehand to ensure you have an appointment.

For landlords.

  • During these times management is going to be a little difficult. To keep the risk to a minimum to me, my family and my staff I have chosen to postpone any future inspections for a short period of time. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis. We will be asking tenants to send us a clear video of the property, recording each room corner to corner slowly so we can see the condition of the property. The moment the current situation calms, we will immediately proceed to a in-person inspection of the property and resume normal protocol.
  • Rent – for those of you with rental insurance I have spoken to the insurer and we are completely covered in this situation. For those of you who do not have insurance it is really worth looking into getting it. There are a lot of people who face redundancies, it will prove invaluable if you need it. If you would like a quote from me on this, please let me know.

Overall, I will work (and continue to) for as long as possible. I am prepared for most situations and will be working to ensure I provide you with the best possible service I can during these times. For us as a business the times will be tough, but we can do this.

Lastly, if you need anything please give me a call, even if we do go to a “lockdown” situation and need a chat. My phone is always on 01268 500988 / 07964343343.

Finally. I wish you all (and your families) good health.

Thank you all for your loyalty, and most of all, your time.

Speak soon,

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