Did you test drive your car?

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Did you test drive your car?

Think of the last car you bought. good or bad.

now when you bought that car, did you test drive it? … the answer is probably yes.

did you look at the MOT and Service history? most likely… did you research the car to see any common problems or complaints… possibly….

do you see where im going with this?

why do so many people NOT do the same when picking an agent?

your about to select an estate agent to market your home. which is most likely your most expensive asset. you are most likely about to sign a contract for thousands of pounds with that agent to sell your home. you are going to be dealing with that agent for around 4-6 months… so, have you test drove them?

i dont mean literally ask him/her for a piggy back around your garden!

i mean, when you called the office and asked for your “valuation” im sure they rolled the red carpet out, was your best friend? couldn’t possibly be any nicer?

have you tried calling from work maybe, and pretend to be a first time buyer and just ask some questions about another property? – i bet you haven’t.

you see, without dressing it up, when you ask an agent for a ‘valuation’ you are an unwritten cheque. you are literally worth £1000’s – and you undoubtedly will see the very best of their service. which rightfully so.

BUT. what if you experienced that agent from a buyers perspective? ring them up under another name, from a different number and simply ask for some property details to be emailed over to you to look at. see how its dealt with. see if you get the same high level of customer service from them when you are not worth thousands to them.

that way you WILL see it from a buyers perspective. you wont see the ‘act’ they put on and you will see raw, hard, unfiltered version of that agent. did you get a good feeling from that call? or was it a flat experience? because THAT is what your buyers WILL be getting.

I recently met someone who took this one step further! – she rung up under her maiden name, and went and viewed a property with that agent she was looking to list with…. and guess what! she wont be going on with them!!!

why? well, the attitude was different, when she said she was a first time buyer they pushed so heavily on financial services she was immediately put off.

when she arrived at the property (on time) she has to call to the office after 15 mins because they agent wasn’t there on time. the agent then opened the door, gave them a quick tour, then left them on their own to wander round while he went out the front of the property and played on his phone until they were done.

this is the interesting thing. do you know how strict Disney are with their staff? … stupidly strict! why? – because of the customer experience. they want people to walk away smiling and remembering their experience.

on another side of the scale. imagine if you went to McDonald’s and the service stood their on their phone! imagine how furious you would be! so why are estate agents any different?

So many agents come round and give you a good pitch. but that is all a pitch. its a well practised, well developed and well orchestrated pitch. but like any pitch you need to see much further than what your just being told.

so lets go back to your car. would you of bought that car without test driving it?…. no? …. so why would you do the same with an agent? they are both worth £1000’s of your hard earned cash. so you need to be sure that agent is the right agent…

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