Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. – Benjamin Franklin.

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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. – Benjamin Franklin.

An old saying, which goes back as far as time. – but it is so true in so many aspects, and in so many walks of life.

Marketing a property is the same. When you look at larger companies. Let’s take for instance things like large brands of famous drinks. When they come to marketing a new taste, how many millions do they spend?

Why?… well its simple. So, their new product has maximum exposure, maximum impact and is a success.

Why is your property any different?

I see so many people who have agents round, and then its on Rightmove the same day. It is impossible to have a tailored and details plan put in place at this point.

Now don’t get me wrong, ive been there. I’ve worked for companies where I would watch the valuer come back, throw the camera and measurements on the admins desk to upload to Rightmove there and then.

Sure, some properties do sell using that method. BUT the market is tough.

I’m not going to dress it up, I’m not going to tell you its all going to be ok. The market is tough. End of.

What does that mean? Is it an excuse? No, it isn’t.

So many agents first reaction is to reduce a properties price. Allowing the portals to do the work for them. BUT had they have created a plan its unlikely they would have needed to reduce.

Generally, if a property goes on the same day, the agent would have taken the pictures. The first negative. They are estate agents NOT photographers?

Then, if it gone online that quick, they clearly haven’t put enough time into the descriptions to make it appealing OR spend enough time getting that floor plan perfect.

Then it comes to the pricing, the price makes a difference on the launch, so many people go on at one price expecting to negotiate off, BUT it’s your agents’ job to make sure that’s not the case. So, the pricing is part of a bigger plan.

The launch needs to be on the correct day to get maximum attention, perfect distance from the launch weekend with a clear strategy for the marketing, a strategy for viewings, a strategy in case it doesn’t sell quickly.

That’s not including the social media aspect? Just chuck it on their page, it’ll be OK? Not at all.

How can all of that be created in a few hours? It simply isn’t possible.

So. Before you pick your agent. Ask them how quickly they can have it on the market. If that answer is within 24 hours, or even 3 days, then its too quick.

That means they are rushing, if they are rushing are they really interested in ensuring everything is up to the best quality OR are they simply interested on getting as many properties on the market as possible while concentrating on their market share rather than getting you the best possible price.

PLUS, if they are rushing the marketing, what’s to say they aren’t rushing the calls? Rushing the viewings? It is simply not acceptable.

IF you are on the market at the moment, and your agent is suggesting reducing your price. DO NOT DO IT! call me first.

I will take a look through your marketing and see if you have any other options or avenues you can explore before reducing.

Reducing should always be, a last resort. Unless the agent valued the property incorrectly in the first place.

Either way, my phone is always on. 07964343342.

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