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At Nest in Essex we concentrate on three parts. 

– Marketing.
– Negotiation.
– Relationships.

Simply click each part to find out why we concentrate on them and why it could be relevant to you. 

Who are we?

Well to explain that we need to go back to 2014. when the Founder of Nest in Essex was working for an independent estate agency in Rayleigh. He noticed the market changing, throughout his career he has seen the internet slowly take the forefront in marketing, and although 'old school' estate agency plays a big part in the experience of an estate agent. Marketing was taking a bigger section.
The agency he worked for simply wasn't a fit for the 'new' way of marketing, so Nick decided to take the jump at only 24 and start Nest in Essex.

Nick wanted to concentrate on three parts of the business, which were building relationships with clients, learning all aspects of property marketing and using his experience and skills in negotiating the highest possible sale price, and lowest possible purchase price.

Since then Nest in Essex has won a regional award, a national award and have also been recognised in the "best estate agent" guide 2019.

Where do we want to be?

Most modern day families have a builder they use, they have an accountant, a Dr, a painter and decorate, an electrician and so on....
But very, very rarely do they have an estate agent. that is where we come in. we want to fill that gap and be the 'families estate agent'

We feel 'estate agents' have got an awful reputation, and sure there are plenty of companies who don't help with this outlook. it is our job to ensure we are not tarnished with the same brush. we concentrate on long lasting and trusted relationships making sure we act with one interest at heart. yours.

There is a reason we have clients using us more than once, as well as friends and families of them clients also contacting us. its not because we sell 'quickly' or dominate a particular town. it is purely down to, we do what we do, and we do it incredibly well, ensuring each client has the highest possible sale price, and the lowest possible purchase price through a carefully planned and well document journey..... oh and we are great to get along with!

Our top agents

Nick Cheshire


Nick started his career in Brentwood working for a number of agencies before moving to an independent in Rayleigh. Since then he has dealt with clients all over Essex from Shoeburyness, to Hornchurch and up to Chelmsford. 

Nick founded Nest in 2014 after growing tired of an outdated industry and wanting to take a different direction with his career… so Nest in Essex was born.  Since then Nick’s diverse skills have developed with him recently passing his City & Guilds Part P in building regulations, 17th & 18th Edition in wiring regulations and Level 2 Electrical inspection and testing. This all adds to a wealth of experience and knowledge of property and the property industry.

 You can speak to Nick on 07964343342

Kyle Brian


Kyle started his Estate Agency career back in 2015, after having been in the property industry for nearly 15 years prior as a surveyor; Kyle has a huge wealth of knowledge from his career. 

Kyle decided he wanted a career change but wanted to stay in property and as a result decided Nest was the right place to do exactly that. Kyle quickly gained recognition for his hard work and dedication from his clients. 

Kyle grew up in Hullbridge and eventually moved to Rayleigh so his local knowledge is second to none. 

You can speak to Kyle by calling 07923265248

Why is marketing so important?

Long gone are the days whereby when you are looking for a property, you take a walk down the high street visiting each Estate Agency, with each one of them showing you new properties, which you haven't seen yet. Thats why Rightmove.co.uk and Zoopla.co.uk were invented! Why would you go to all that effort which you can simply sit at home and see ALL them properties in one place?

There is a reason why so many big companies spend millions a year on their marketing budget. it is because working works. period.

BUT, why is this relevant to your property? well when you come to marketing your home, you will have 'competition' often defined as similar properties either at a similar price and/or style.

So would you rather sit 'amongst' the competition?... or stand out from the competition? .... what makes the difference is marketing. done correctly it can make you stand out from the competition and ultimately help towards getting that premium price.


Negotiation goes back to as long as mankind has been around. there is negotiation all around you. everything in your daily life at some point has been negotiated on.
But it is an Art. Some people find it difficult, some people find it easy. The truth is there is a skill involved with negotiation.

It is the foundation of the property industry. during every part there is negotiation going on and it is part of our job. so why does that benefit you?

Well, if you instruct us to sell your property, it is our duty to make sure we achieve the best possible price for your property. to do that involved skills negotiation.

Anybody can say "No" to an offer, but to get that offer to an acceptable level is where exceptional negotiation skills are required as there is far more to it than saying "no" until your happy with that Yes. We have a huge amount of experience with negotiation and pride ourselves on negotiation being our strength when ensuring we achieve the best possible price for your property.

Relationships. why is that relevant?

You are trusting us with is most likely your most expensive asset?. That asset that could potentially determine the future of you and/or your family. So it is our job not to 'assume' you trust us as your agent, but to prove why you should trust us.
You need to feel valued as a client, and feel that we always have your best interest at heart. it is our job to make sure you feel that way! You could potentially be dealing with us as your agent for anything up to 6-9 months of your journey, so it has to be a pleasant and trusting relationship. So we focus on making sure you are aware of 'everything' we do, from start to finish and beyond! We are your advisers, but ultimately. we work with you.

Featured in "Best Estate Agent Guide 2019" - "Highly Rated"

Nest in Essex made it into the "Best Estate Agent Guide 2019" by being rated "Highly Rated" according to the independent assessment.

During this assessment the independent assessors monitor the following attributes. Property marketing, Securing a sale, Lead Handling and market share.

During the assessment it was determined (and found in the final report) Nest in Essex received 22% more detail views per listing, compared to other agents in our area. AND Nest in Essex generated 85% more leads per listing, compared to other agents in your area. as well, On average, Nest in Essex secured an agreed sale 20.5% faster than other agents in your area.

Sovereign Court – a client success story. 

We recently had a client at this property who failed to sell through a well known high street agent, and after 93 days of trying to find a successful buyer they asked Nest to help.  10 days later, 6 viewings, 3 offers and 102% of the asking price was achieved. 

how? easy, because its what we do!

A Multi-award winning Estate Agency

in 2018 Nest in Essex was shortlisted for the UK property awards in Rayleigh.

Also in 2018 Nest in Essex WON 1st place in the "TMP Business awards" for their regional award "Best Estate Agent, South East" To top it off in the first couple of days of 2019 Nest in Essex WON 1st place in the "TMP Business Awards" for "Best Estate Agent" in their "national" award.


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I can’t thank Nick and his team at nest in Essex enough, from start to finish the level of service was second to none. Nick kept me informed on a regular basis and if I ever needed advice or info he would always find time to help.
Paul Mead
Highly recommend Nest - amazing service from start to finish! Both Nick and Kyle are genuinely nice guys and so knowledgeable. Fair and transparent pricing too which is what initially attracted us. House sold in 4 days after 1st viewing and we wouldn't have completed in the 3 months we did if it wasn't for Nick - to say he went above and beyond is an understatement! By the end of our sale/purchase others in the chain had estate agent envy! Wouldn't hesitate to use Nest if we ever decided to move again. Thanks guys!
Kathryn Donnelly
We have sold and are buying with Nest. I can honestly tell you my stereotyped mind of estate agent has been officially changed by Nick from Nest, and also his team. Photos, service, valuation, communication, all 10/10. Thank you for all you hard work.
Andrew Anthony

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