is there any difference in how people view you, when you’re an agent?

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is there any difference in how people view you, when you’re an agent?

I was having a healthy debate with my father… He has read one of my previous posts and now calls me a tree-hugger because im too soft!

BUT!… i made a valid point.

you see, we was talking about how people view different people in their work, and how they connect to these people outside of the workplace, and there is a valid point about the relationships Estate Agents ‘can’ have with their clients.

you see, my father is old school, his view is my job is ‘just selling houses’ … which is something we can debate until i reach the pearly gates.

I was explaining its far more than that, i get to speak to people during some of the best times of their lives, and some the worst. I deal with families when they have just lost a loved one, with pure raw emotion. I meet people who have just found out after years are trying they are expecting a child, i deal with people who have been putting extra hours into their own career and after a years of really pushing they have finally got that promotion they wanted which now allows them to get their new home, and people who have lost their jobs and need to sell to get by… from the worst situation to the bad, there is one thing in common…

If i bump into them, in a que at the petrol station, in the supermarket, in the high street, evening in a local cafe. they ALWAYS stop, and say hello, they ask how business is, how are the kids, and take an interest in me as much as i do them. and THAT IS AMAZING! – think of any other job where that happens…

when was the last time you saw the guy who services your car and said hello? or that bus driver, even the police officer out of uniform? honestly, when was the last time? …

i think estate agency is so different, i am dealing with people for around 6 months of their lives, speaking to them nearly every. single. day. so there is no surprise friendships begin.

i promise you, i am not making this up. i have one client, amazing bloke. He gave me an opportunity when i first started to sell his home. he saw i was hard working, and hungry. gave me a chance and i sold it twice! since then, i have met him in so many places from in BP petrol station in Rayleigh to Colchester zoo! honestly i am not kidding! i was queuing up to feed the Elephants and who was behind me… him! its amazing, i stood for a few mins chatting with him. now what other career do you get that in?

I had another client who is looking to start in estate agency, i sold his property about a 18 months ago, he rang me. on my mobile (clearly kept my number) to have a chat about it. not to get a job with Nest but he was worried at 32 he was ‘too late’ to start.

i just think this is an amazing career to be in, every element of it.




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