It’s that time… again

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It’s that time… again

Yes….. I’m talking about already!! Do you know of anybody that wants to move by Christmas? If so act now……….

This is applicable to all home owners and buyers that want to move into there new dream home by Christmas, only have 18 weeks to do so.

So, for you buyers out there from the point of you agreeing a price on a property to the point of getting your new keys (according to Rightmove) is currently taking approx. 13weeks. Which gives you approx. 5 – 6 weeks to find your property to be in by Christmas.

For you all new to the market sellers, on average it’s taking eight weeks to find your buyer, which you are currently three weeks behind. The best time to market your home was three weeks ago! The second best time is NOW!

So if you want to spend this Christmas and see in the new year in your new home,

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