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Minimal disruption and maximum effort.

I have to say this summer has been amazing, we all spent most of our time living outdoors and certainly taking the long summer evenings for granted, enjoying friends and family round. Your home appears to be bright and spacious during this time but now the winter nights are now drawing us inside (like a hermit) suddenly you could feel that the inside space feels a little restricted, which leads you that that question, do we have enough space? This starts once you’ve had friends and family stay over, and now you’re looking forward to the big boxing day sales that starts on the 26th December once the Christmas turkey meal is over and done with. So This got me thinking, why cannot you take the big Boxing Day sale selling approach to selling your home.

The thought of walking around the shops along with the hustle and bustle is not my thing, I prefer to sit down, watch a film and vegetate, however, there is one sale you should be thinking about on Boxing Day and that’s the sale of your home! There is a tradition that the best time to sell your home is in the spring months, however, the statistics show Boxing Day is the Busiest day all year for viewing property online. So, are YOU missing a trick?

So, you don’t believe me! Let’s see what the statics show. According to Rightmove, last year’s festive period (Christmas Day & Boxing Day) there were over three million visits to the site. So, let’s take it back a little further, between 2014 and 2016 there was a 40% increase to the site on Boxing day and the first working day in 2017. In fact, there was a 170% increase in page views between 25th & 29th December 2016 on Rightmove. Meanwhile Zoopla has reported a 36% increase in Boxing day site visits between 2014 and 2016.

So there you have it, it shows that the best time to sell your property is over the festive period as your going to attracted more eyes on your home. My advice will be to get all your marketing and professional photography done now. The reason being all your marketing will be prepared prior to the festive season, meaning you will not have to retake photos when your decorations are taken down. So this will cause minimum disruption but have maximum impact on your marketing.

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