My agent closes at 5pm…. WHAT! 5PM! read this!…

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My agent closes at 5pm…. WHAT! 5PM! read this!…

So i was talking to a local homeowner, i originally met her when i went to value her home about 2 months ago.

We seemed to get on really well, however i was quoting considerably more than another agent, so she wanted to give the cheaper agent a go first, if it didn’t work out then she would come back…

little to say, 9 weeks later we are still talking about her property being marketed.. AND NOT SOLD!….

I gave her some great feedback on her marketing, some slight amendments she could make which may help increase interest, i thought, she is stuck in contract with these for ANOTHER 6 weeks, so if i can help, who is she going to recommend? the agent who didn’t deliver, or the agent who gave her advice which ultimately helped sell her property and didn’t earn anything out of it?…

well, anyway. So i gave her 3 different things to change. she was quite excited by the prospect of interest so got immediately off the phone to me, and then called me back seconds later… ‘my agent closes at 5pm, so i couldn’t speak to somebody’

now firstly… i didn’t know 9 to 5 existed in this career!, secondly.. what sort of agent starts at 9, and actually goes home at 5? … well apparently these guys! – to top it off they are closed from 12 on Saturday AND only open for 2 hours on Sunday..

which got me thinking. why? they are losing sooooo much business its unreal! – ive got some software we use which we can monitor when out ‘leads’ from the portals come in.

in a very short period of time, we had 130 leads come into the office, now for those who dont understand what a ‘lead’ is, its an enquiry through Rightmove or Zoopla (or even our website or social media) but anything coming into the office with somebody saying ‘i want to view X’ or ‘i want more info on X’ …. so pretty much, its an enquiry which could be YOUR buyer.

so out of these 130 leads, 47 was during the 9am – 5pm window…. the remaining 83 was between 5pm and 9am!!!! so nearly DOUBLE the enquires were outside ‘normal 9-5 business hours’. now bearing in mind this is emails only, were not counting calls here otherwise that figure will be way higher.

i saw a survey a while ago whereby it said that in the first 15 mins of an email enquiry is the best time to call to maximise the conversion of that lead.

think of it another way, your at work, your boss is in the room, your phone rings…. its an estate agent!… can you talk? if you can, can you talk for 10-15 mins? …. the answer is generally no. however on the commute home, sat in traffic, waiting for the train, waiting for the bus or wherever, can you talk… YES! can you talk for more than 30 seconds… YES… this means the agent can have a much better quality of call with a potential buyer, which ultimately is going to help convert that enquiry to a viewing. which, if you find out the right information you can show that enquiry why the property IS for them.

overall, i think in today’s day and age, with the 24 hour society we are, i cant understand why agents are still working 9-5! … something, in my entire property career, i have NEVER done. its so vital to ensure EVERY. SINGLE. CALL. is answered, and EVERY SINGLE EMAIL, is responded to. otherwise that ‘lead’, which could be your buyer, is simply going to disappear….


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