One week to the big move!

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One week to the big move!

Now the process is in full swing, moving day is creeping up very, very fast. Here are a few helpful points to help ensure everything is done before you pack the last box and take the next step. Feel free to print this off and use it to assist you.

• Confirm the date and time of moving day with your removal company.
• Start thinking about your daily routine – what key things do you need access to everyday such as the remote control, toothbrush, breakfast bowl, etc. Make a conscious effort to pack
these items separately in something distinctive. After a long day’s moving, the last thing you will want is to spend two hours searching for your nightwear!
• Don’t forget to put aside a roll of toilet paper which can be used at the new property – easily forgotten but extremely necessary on moving day!
• Permanent markers are an essential item to help locate items – write on every side of the box as it will make things easier to find. Use one colour to label which room the box should
end up in and another for the main contents.
• Where possible, start to dismantle furniture that is not essential. The last thing you will take apart is the beds and this can be done the night before moving day.
• Put stickers on large items of furniture so the removers know what room to put them in at the other end.
• Bubble wrap is great for your valuables but items such as bedding and towels can be just as effective and take up less room. Just take extra care when unpacking! It’s amazing how
simple (and secure) it is to move your jewellery hidden inside some socks!
• Pay your local bills such as newspaper delivery, milk, outstanding video rental, etc. where applicable and ensure future deliveries are cancelled.
• The best thing to pack your clothing, shoes, linens, etc. in is bin liners – suitcases can be kept for essential items such as toiletries that you will need immediate access to.
• Cling film (the moving variety not the one for your sandwiches) is great for wrapping items such as sofas, mattresses, etc. to prevent scuffing and stains.
• You can even use cling film to wrap drawers and CD racks in to save having to pack and unpack these separately.
• Make arrangements for refreshments and food on moving day. Sounds obvious but you will be amazed how easily this is forgotten. Keep the kettle, sugar, tea, coffee and milk aside with
some mugs and biscuits.
• Plan your journey between your old and new property. Even if you know the way, everyone who is helping you move may not. Try to think about how the journey is affected at different
times of the day as you may need to go back and forth. Look out for useful landmarks, such as shops, to help the removers find the property.
• Prepare a note for the new owners explaining how things work and where they can find useful items such as the boiler switches, aerial sockets and alarm codes. A few kind thoughts will
go a long way when it comes to mail redirection and injects some humanity into the whole process.
• Also include details of who currently provides the utilities at your property as it is not always obvious.

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