Our story…

A Personal, bespoke estate agency based in Essex

Our story…

So we have reached the end of the first month of a new year… and everyone is back to normal. (well normal working routine, school routine etc). 

But, for me, this is a great time for reflection, on the past 4 years and to look at our plan for 2019. 

For those who didnt know, we celebrated our 4th birthday on the 24th November 2018. it was a proud, proud day, but its important to relfect on what has allowed Nest in Essex to reach its fourth birthday, a story i wish share with you. 

To start this we need to go back to the start. We aren’t going to start with ‘once upon a time’ however, we do need to start with a young fresh faced Nick… 

At the time Nick was working for an independent company locally, and although he adored his job, he was becoming increasingly disappointed in the goals of the company he was working for at the time.  

Nick Cheshire started Nest in Essex in November 2014. Working solo, creating a brand, making sacrifices, establishing trust with property sellers and buyers, starting a new legacy was challenging.

Nick though had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and has developed the business and his own skills in the past 5 years. The whole aim was, although there other other companies within the same industry, Nest in Essex want to stand alone in offering a truly unique service, and although it is a property industry, the vision is, people first, property second.

He wanted to be different – you can’t have that as a business tagline and make it
platitudes. To this end, he has passed City and Guilds Part P in Building Regulations, 17th and 18th edition in wiring regulations and Level 2 electrical inspection and testing. This has broadened his knowledge of the property industry and widened his network to develop the business.

Since then, new staff have helped create the team: his brother-in-law Kyle is a Personal Agent and former surveyor. Karen is Nick’s sister in law and Nest PA. Leigh has joined as a viewing specialist, and was a previous client. Lauren oversees sales progression. A team now of six and has numerous sub contractors working with the team.

The whole aim was to become the “family agent” for all things property, a role the team are accomplishing successfully. 

To top it off, in 2018 the property academy released the newest version of the “Best Estate Agent Guide” whereby Nest were “highly rated”… an accolade wore with pride. 

Then, Nest entered into the TMP business awards and discovered against all competition, to win 1st place for “estate agents, south east” regional awards. It doesn’t stop there! late December 2018 Nest went on to win 1st place in the National award too! 

So in despite of 2018 being a tough year for the estate agency industry generally but by adhering to that vision Nick had back in 2014, the present and future looks more positive than ever.

Overall Nest in Essex was created with the aim of being your family estate agent, be honest, helpful and providing professional advice which is relevant to your individual circumstances. 

so, here is to there last 4 years, and to many, many more!

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