Get your property ready to sell

This can be the most frustrating part of taking the step to move home. We advise you don’t start looking at properties and booking viewings until you have achieved a sale on your property.


The first a simple step is decluttering your home. To do this, you might want to purchase some strong cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

The easiest way to declutter is to work from one room to another, carefully packing away most of personal items you have. You don’t need to go to the extent of taking all the pictures down and have the rooms looking empty. A little ‘lived in’ is good! Having said that, by clearing away as much of your stuff as possible, you will make the rooms seem bigger and less personal meaning any prospective buyers have less to distract them so allowing them to pay more attention to the space on offer.


Every household has those DIY jobs you have been meaning to do for the last six months but never got round to. Make a simple list of all the small repairs that need doing like filling in some holes, painting the skirting board, putting a new lock on the garage or a new bulb in the outside light. Then designate a day or weekend to get all of these jobs done. As silly as it sounds it makes a huge different to purchasers if they see a well maintained house and it gives a much better impression overall. If a prospective purchaser can see many little DIY jobs that need doing it can often leave an element of doubt on the condition of the property, even if it’s unnecessary.


Clearing the garden is very important when trying to sell your home. Make sure your garden is well organised and get rid of any old furniture you’ve been meaning to take to the dump. Now is the time to do it!

Organising the shed can also be a take here making sure a shed is well organised, you can almost guarantee any potential purchase will wait to take a look so making sure its organised can make the garden shed seem more appealing.

Top tip: If you can, purchase a new patio table and chairs set and place it on your patio for when you show potential buyers around. This gives a welcoming feeling and allows people to imagine the feeling of being able to sit down and enjoy the sun!


This is a huge improvement to a home. Over time a driveway can weather and it’s shocking how an afternoon with a jet wash can make such a difference to a driveway. Clearing any weeds peeking through the gaps and cleaning the drive can bring it back to life and make it look new.

A driveway is often the first thing to be noticed when approaching a property so a good clean can work wonders.


Arranging valuations can always be the biggest step to get the ball rolling. It’s often quite daunting and the thought of speaking to agents can be quite intimidating.

Top tip: Choose an estate agent and call from a withheld number. Speak to the agency and ask questions about what they can offer you, but most importantly ask them to disclose their fee before you commit to a valuation. Quite often you will find agents do not like disclosing their fee over the phone, allowing them to arrange a valuation and along with the ‘sales patter’ be able to gain the instruction.

Select three agents locally – we suggest one of them is Nest In Essex! When attending a valuation, ask each agent to provide evidence to back up their valuation and ask them what is actually included in their fee. You shouldn’t have to pay upfront with any agent and all valuations are ‘no obligation’ so never commit to signing a contract on the first appointment. Nest In Essex certainly doesn’t do this.

Once you have seen all three you can then sleep on it for a couple of days and make your decision on who to go with. We hope choose us! However, once you’ve decided the best agent for you make sure not to sign a contract over 2 weeks. The last thing you want is an agent not fulfilling their promises and pledges to find out you are stuck in a contract for 12 weeks!

For any further advice about any aspect of moving house, get in touch!

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