Rightmove AND Zoopla…..

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Rightmove AND Zoopla…..

OK, so something i need to admit, and people who know me will know this, Zoopla…. im not a fan.

BUT it is necessary.

We used to advertise on Zoopla a few years ago, but we came away as we wasn’t getting any new enquiries through it.

Now, in South Essex, Rightmove seems the Number 1. everybody goes their first, some people will go Zoopla second but Rightmove is always first.

Now take this to London, Zoopla’s presence is so much stronger than it is in Essex. So Zoopla is more powerful.

Now think of it this way. lots of buyers for the last few years and still to today, come from London Boroughs, including Barking, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Romford, Chafford Hundred etc etc. WHERE Zoopla has a better presence.

So, Zoopla doesn’t seem great for property in Essex… BUT it is good for attracting those outside Essex who are looking to buy or rent property in Essex.

with this information. i thought i would give it a try. so i signed up to Zoopla and within the first month i had 27 email and 38 calls. all of which were fresh enquiries from people who HAD NOT enquired previously through Rightmove.

Now that doesn’t seem a terrible amount, however imagine thats 50+ new enquiries JUST FROM ZOOPLA.

SO i decided to trace this back to see how many of these enquiries bought properties from us. the answer is 2. so 2 people who enquired through Zoopla bought properties through us in a month. which as a business owner shows me clearly ZOOPLA is needed. sure not as much as Rightmove BUT it does make a difference.

So if your property is not selling, maybe check if your agent is on Zoopla? if not you could be losing vital enquiries. which could be your buyer!

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