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American and Australia has got it right, why is the UK so far behind?…

In both of these countries the Real estate market is so far advanced compared to the way the UK work. the UK has a very date, 1980’s approach with many agents still marketing the same way they did in the 80’s and 90’s. which was fine then. times have changed, the market has changed and the service clients deserve is of a far higher standard than previously offer… So here we will cover some of the parts that make up our marketing package. This marketing strategy has been created over a number of years marketing property and a lot of ‘trial and error’ but we can safely say it is tried, tested and proven to deliver a premium price for our clients. 

It all starts with your “Personal Agent”. Traditionally, with UK agents, there will be a “valuer” or “lister” who will come and meet you, they will then place the property on the market which is then marketed with the company, the “Negotiators” or “admin” will then deal with incoming enquiries and booking appointments, conducting them appointments and negotiating the offers. Then there will be a “sales progressor” or “after sales team” to deal with the sale through to completion all overseen by an office manager. 

The problem here is, you will explain your situation and come up with a plan with the first person you meet, this isn’t always translated through to the other staff meaning you could find yourself being passed from pillar to post and explaining your situation time and time again. Traditionally Estate Agents work Saturday and as a result have a weekday off to make up for working Saturdays, so this can be a logistical nightmare!

At Nest in Essex we focus on working with the best quality of agents, that agent will meet you at on the first meeting and will be your sole point of contact throughout the entire transaction. The agent is supported by a viewing specialist and a sales progressor however like a conductor to an Orchestra, it is the agent who will liaise with these while ensuring your sole point of contact is consistent. 

The benefits of this, is accountability. Your agent will know what to do, when to do it and what is happening at all times. making sure you are kept up to date with all the progress throughout the transaction. 

Premium Photography

Companies spend millions on marketing each year with some of the large well known household names constantly improving their photography. why?… because people buy with their eyes online. It'ss the only sense that is being used when searching online for a property, after all you cant taste, feel, hear or smell a property online? So therefore you can only concentrate on the single sense of sight, so why settle for sub standard? It has been witnessed time after time whereby an Estate Agent will try to replicate the work of a professional photographer, this simply isn't practical and neither does it have the same results. We identify we aren’t photographers, so why try to be?… instead we have a professional and experienced photographer who specialises in architectural photography making sure our photographs delivery that luxury and premium look to maximise that single sense we have to work with.. until they are visit the property of course.

How can videos benefit marketing?

Well, its simple. according to Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) back in 2016 he commented by saying “within 5 years, most of what we see online will be videos” and according to various sources by 2020 over 75% of content online will be video based…

Which just goes to show, as time goes on, videos will become more mainstream, and we have already seen that videos can work better than photos, so why not cover both?…. 

Premium marketing on Rightmove

As an agent it is easy to shy away from the premium products on Rightmove, after all they are expensive! BUT, as the old saying goes you need to speculate to accumulate.  The fact is they are not cheap because THEY WORK. According to they claim you can get 20% more detail views with ‘Premium listing’ and up to 100% more views with ‘Featured Listings’ – but like any tool it has to be used correctly, and at the correct time. so We implement this as part of our anti-stagnation strategy to ensure maximum exposure on the portals where people are looking.

Social media

It is no secret that social media is becoming more dominant by the day. Some of the largest companies in the UK have departments dedicated to just social media. So it’s something that cannot be overlooked.  If you ask any Estate Agent they are likely to tell you they have, at some point sold a property to somebody who was not actively looking on Rightmove.  So the best place to find these people is on social media, its the one place you can mass market to everyone. So why look for a single needle in a haystack when you can find 20? We target adverts to not only find a potential buyer, but also their friends, family, work colleagues and anyone they may know who can spread the word about your property and why it could be the right one for them.  But like anything, it can’t be done without the right experience and testing on how to target paid advertising successfully.

Viewing Specialist.

Viewings is a vital part of the entire process. It is the make or break of a property sale. something to remember about viewings is it is not about the seller, or even the property itself, it is about the buyer visualising themselves living in the property and changing their lifestyle. a huge commitment. Thats why we understand that is takes a special kind of personal to really make a viewing. We have our own dedicated viewing specialist who job is solely conducting viewings. She has a talent in making sure each viewing is carried out to the very best level and ensuring ample feedback is providing from the information she collects during the viewing. the Viewing specialist is always briefed on each property knowing the full situation of the sellers and the answers to every possible question which could be asked and will assist the Personal Agent to ensure every single viewing, something of benefit can be taken from it.

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