So. what business are we ‘really’ in?..

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So. what business are we ‘really’ in?..

I know some of you are already aware, as i don’t tend to shut up about it, i was luck enough to spend two days with two remarkable people within the industry, without name dropping they are two absolute geniuses, and truly inspirational people.

I’ve been running the company for 4 years now, and since day one its been a giant learning curve, so to be able to spend two days with these guys was a truly lucky experience. what a time to be alive!…

One of things i learnt. and it was only one of many… was about what business are we really in.

So get this. we went round the room (there was also a very small group of amazing agents there too!) and we discussed everything you can image! (any agents reading this needs to get on board and book to go to the next event)

But, the question is, what business are we ‘really’ in – my response (was probably the worst) was, “residential sales and lettings”… honestly.

but that was the first thing that came to mind. but with time to reflect on this it couldn’t be further from the truth…

You see, its not a wrong answer, but it’s not the truth.

I have dealt with people at the best time in their lives, and others in the worst. from families mourning a loved one, to families celebrating a new addition. from the good to the bad and everything in between. throughout it all we are the adviser, the councillor, the friend, the person you vent at, and at the very end of all that. the agent.

i have been so lucky that so many of my clients have become friends, and most i bump into with a few of them giving me a random call 18 months later to discuss options… which is great! especially given that its on my mobile.

So when you think about it, we are not in “residential sales and lettings” or “estate agents” … we, are there, to help people move to the next chapter, to help them achieve that live goal, to help them solve that problem they may have…. it just happens, to be in property.

so that shows what business we are really in…

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