Some good news!

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Some good news!

I promise i will refrain from using the B work as much as possible!

Miles Shipside, head of Rightmove has released the property index and it looks like good news!

With all the doom and gloom its refreshing to see some positive news.

So, whats positive?

Well…. prices are up! 0.8% infact! in a month! even better, this is the biggest rise for the last 12 months and one of the biggest changes for this time of year since 2016.

great right?

average time to sell according to his stats currently sits at 69 days, which is quicker than the south east & London both with 73+ days.

So property prices are up, average time on market is down. how about the average property price?

Well in the east of England it currently sits at £351,759 this is all from Rightmove, how about Zoopla?

Zoopla states – The average price for property in Essex stood at £371,714 in April 2019. This is a rise of 0.99% in the last three months (since January 2019) and rise of 0.63% since 12 months ago.

so both Rightmove and Zoopla are showing prices increasing! which is some wonderful news to hear with all the anxiety linked to B…… (nearly said it!)

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