The British Property Award – why is it important?

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The British Property Award – why is it important?

So, what is it? And why is it important?

Well first we need to start with the company who created the awards, The British property award. It was created by a team of previous estate agency owners who wanted to create an award for estate agents to show excellence and be fairly judged.

There was a poll conducted where only a tiny 25% of people surveyed said they “trusted” their estate agent, which unfortunately makes estate agency the 2nd least trusted industry.

They felt that it was unfair to tarnish all agents with the same brush, so therefore created the aware to recognise those who go the extra mile by awarding them should they pass a strict testing process which includes mystery shopping.

There is a set of 25 elements which make up the award, meaning its no easy award to win. Of which the agents are tested over several months which each of the 25 elements being just as important as each other.

Once they have a “shortlist” of the top 3 agents, they then conduct a fresh batch of testing to pick the very best in town.

Some of the criteria is based around customer service, some is based on items that buyers don’t usually consider. However, once the judging has started, each company is under scrutiny to ensure only the very best win the award.

So, in 2018 Nest in Essex was shortlisted in the top 3, which we were delighted and humbled with. Unfortunately, we didn’t win in 2018 however used this to ensure we adapt, adopt and improve to ensure 2019 was out year to win this prestigious award. Which we are ecstatic with.

SO, what does this mean to our clients…. Well quite simply nothing.

Nothing?… well it shows that we are consistent, and forever improving and developing to ensure we deliver the highest level of service to every aspect. So, you can feel comfortable that we truly put 110% effort in making sure you have the very best outcome for your move.

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