the power of recommendation…

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the power of recommendation…

so, we all know social media is massive. i think its common knowledge that most of us already spend far to much time on there… i for one am guilty.

BUT… there are some fantastic local groups… naturally there are some ran for political or professional gain, but the majority or run by people within the community giving the community a place to voice concerns, questions etc..

one of the groups, about a week ago somebody put up a post asking “could anybody recommend an estate agent”..

now naturally my eyes were glued to the screen, i thought i would put a comment but spent far too long thinking what to say that i ended up just staring at a screen.

Now, i am a firm believer that it can take one single person to make a company great, but it can also take one to make a company awful. so i love nothing more then when people mention the name of the person they recommend.

Now reason being, ive dealt with 100’s of solicitors, 100’s brokers, 100’s of estate agents, and you find the odd gem in these companies whereby when you speak to them, stuff gets done. there are plenty of companies when i hear we are going to be dealing with them i have everything crossed that its a particular person as i know its going to be pleasant.

Well… while im starting at this screen, slowly, an army of previous customers started commenting, not only recommending Nest BUT also mentioning names. which is the bit i find amazing.

There were a couple of companies mentioned but overall we got the most mentions… which is amazing.

BUT.. then on this, that person contacted Nest and Kyle went to meet them.

without putting a negative spin on it, i find that people are so quick to jump when they have had a bad service for a company, but a simple recommendation can mean all the difference for a company, so a small mention on your Facebook, just a small one can have an amazing impact on a business… and best of all. IT DOES COST YOU ANYTHING!

this goes to show how real that power is. by mentioning us we got an opportunity that without that mention, we may not have had.

So what am i trying to say? .. well, firstly thank you.

But secondly, next time your sitting browsing the world of Facebook, give a company a mention, it will only take 30 seconds. but let the world know the good experience you had and why you would recommend them. sure its 30 seconds you wont get back BUT the impact, is amazing!


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