The psychology behind back to back viewings…

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The psychology behind back to back viewings…

so, this is one i find myself explaining alot.

in my opinion, i feel being an estate agents is a bit like a game of chess. most of it is trying to work out what the others persons next move is before you move your own…

Well, sort of.

There is alot of psychology involved. take back to back viewings for instance. it works so well if its planned how it should be.

So ill give you an example. i was recently booking viewings for a 2 bedroom property we had on the market. it wasn’t a huge place, it was only 2 bedrooms so i felt 10 mins was about right for a viewing, but say 15 to be safe. this is perfect timing, there was only 5 rooms to look at in total, plus the garden. so that allows about 2.5-3 mins per room, which lets face it, is enough. some you’ll spend more but more often then not its enough time.

so, i booked the viewings in 15 mins slots. NOW there will always be a risk another will turn up while the previous person is still on a tour, so there is always two agents on hand, one to ‘meet and greet’ another to give the guided tour.

it works perfect, so we had a 1pm, a 1.15pm, 1.30pm and 1.45pm.

this is where it gets interesting, so 1pm viewing turns up, for the purposes of this, we will call Mr Smith.

so Mr Smith has his tour, just as its coming to the end, the 1.15pm turns up (lets say Mrs Jones). now, Mr Smith is just finishing, as i say goodbye to Mr Smith i then greet Mrs Jones to come into the property. the next tour happens, as Mrs Jones goes to leave the 1.30pm turns up (Mr Phillips). so the same happens, and so on and so on.

Now. it doesn’t have too much of an impact on the day, goes very smoothly. no issues. BUT

this is where it becomes wonderful. you see when Mrs Jones wants to make an offer, she loves the property, fell in love with it completely, she wants to make an offer, but when you inform her that there are other parties also interested the urgency is create. why? because your not ‘just saying it’ she has seen 2 other viewers in the flesh, so she knows the demand herself. this proves that if Mrs Jones wants to secure the property she needs to ensure, its a great offer otherwise she could lose out to other parties…

So overall, by simply planning the viewings well it CAN have a huge impact on negotiation…and can help ensure you get the best price.

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