Viewings… what do i do?

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Viewings… what do i do?

Viewings can always be daunting, especially if it’s not something you’ve done before. within a short space of time of deciding to move you could potentially have strangers walking round your home with can seem very surreal.

“Remember, you’re there to show them round, not sell the property”

I would always advise getting your agent to do the viewing rather than yourself, with an agent, there isnt that emotional attachment. If you meet the potential purchaser directly, its easy to let your heart rule your head especially when it comes to price negotiation.

however it can become a chore keeping your home perfectly presentable all the time (especially with kids!) With this in mind, try and restrict the times and days when people can come to view, for example perhaps Sundays between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Your agent should be happy to conduct viewings on a Sunday (we certainly can!) and this often means more people than not will be available during these times. So you can save the viewings up all week for a couple of hours.
If you don’t wish to hand a spare key to the estate agent, simply waiting for them to arrive will be fine. Provide them with a mobile number as well, so when the agent has finished they can give you a call to let you know. Then you can come home!
Pets are something else to consider. If you have any dogs, it might be worth taking them with you when you pop out during the viewings. Some people are wary of dogs, or are allergic to them, so by taking your dog(s) with you there are no issues for people looking round. Although more dogs than not are welcoming, sometimes they can make viewers feel uncomfortable.
Once the viewing has been completed you should receive feedback from each viewing 24/48 hours later. It’s not always possible to get feedback from every single viewing as unfortunately some applicants choose not to return calls or emails. However, feedback negative or positive has huge value when selling your home as it allows you to see where you are sitting on the current market and what people think about your home. Key is, don’t take it personally – it’s not!

Top tip: Keeping a notepad with the viewings, times, dates and feedback is always handy to keep track of how many viewings you have had.

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