Want to know A Secret…

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Want to know A Secret…

Want to know the secrets of viewing a property…………


I was carrying out viewing’s over the weekend and a first-time buyer really stood out from the crowd. The first-time buyer was a little hesitant on asking questions about the property, i.e. how old is the boiler, windows installed, the clients position going forward, you know the usual types of questions you should be asking the agent / homeowner. This can be especially difficult as you’re excited, nervous plus you’re emotions are all over place and your thinking we / I are actually going to make the biggest commitment in our life. Buying a new property is a decision that should not be taken lightly, so why shouldn’t you get the most out of your viewing. This is your opportunity to look and touch to determine if this is the right home for you / we. So I have put together some helpful tip’s to help you ensure you’re making the most out of your viewing.


First things first…. Questions! This is your first-time stepping foot in the property, the only answer you will know for sure, the location and price. This is your chance to ask the questions that are important. Be direct, don’t be shy as you need to know as this could become your new home. Bring a list of questions to ask but most importantly to write the answers that are provided. (For those question’s click here). So ask away, don’t beat around the bush as this is important. Be prepared that all estate agents are not organised and may not know all the answers, the agents may need to ask the client and then come back to you.



We all have one… it’s where we all put the hoover, ironing board and that smoothie blender that we all said we would use (every new year for the last two years). This often gets overlooked, but we all need one. So look for it and look to see if you can see Mr Tumnus.


Ever thought about guests? It’s a great feeling owning your home, have you ever thought about having friends and family over for dinner, parties and what about staying the night. Have you got room that you can accommodate for a large gathering? Also, don’t forget Grandad at Christmas asleep in the chair after lunch or that friend who forgets to go home (you know the one, we all have one) You often overlook this so why don’t you put it on your list as you’ll only think about this once you have moved in.


Are you a tester? One of many things I don’t see much off these days, do you test taps, open cupboard doors, open fitted wardrobes and have good root around. I bet you don’t! Just don’t look around and do the usual umm’s and arrr’s you need to test the things that you’ll use the most. Taps, turn the taps on and see the water pressure is like, test the shower (if you can with out getting wet) maybe go as far as using the bath and sink taps together. I bet you have never thought of that! What about windows, now you’re thinking really! Honestly, open them and see if they open and close correctly. It may be a costly mistake if you don’t.


Even I did this…..

When going on a viewing of your potential new home, do you go on your own, maybe with your partner? Have you ever thought to bring your parents? I know, I know this is your first home and you want to fly the Nest, branch out on your own (see what I did there). I think your forgetting one thing, Mum & Dad. Trust me when I say, they have been around the block a few times. Just think they have bought and sold a few properties in their time, so why don’t you access the knowledge for free. Parents can your friend so take what knowledge they have and use it to your advantage.


Have you got the time? There is a little thing that you have on your side… TIME. You may get the feeling that the agent / homeowner is pressurising you a little to get in, look around and get out. This is a chance for you explore the property properly. Take your time and get the feel. Get to the property 10 minutes before your viewing and have a good look around the streets and talk to neighbours if you get a chance then you will know this for yourself.


The most important, go back!!! So you went to the viewing on your own or with partner. You thought WOW I want this home and I want it NOW! That feeling your getting is all your emotions colliding and your brain is in scramble mode. That’s when you need to go back for a second viewing. The second viewing is transactional. Now you’re thinking what….? Transactional means that you will be viewing this property more in depth. Does the location suite us, does it fore fill our requirements, is it big enough ect. There might have been things that you missed on your original viewing, so a second viewing can confirm your first impressions or change them completely.


So there you have it! The above are just a few ideas to get you started to take with you on your next viewing. Remember that you are the buyer, and therefore are totally justified in finding out as much as possible.

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