Why it is important to pick the ‘Right’ solicitor

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Why it is important to pick the ‘Right’ solicitor

This subject is one – that is so frustrating it becomes amusing…. after all, in a position whereby it gets beyond silly, there is nothing else to do but laugh!

Now, solicitors… Estate agents and Mortgage brokers are recommending them left, right and centre. you tend to hear the same national names pop up time and time again…

but it is SO important to make sure you pick the right ones! reason being, if you don’t, things can go horribly wrong! and without the right person chasing there can be serious delays through the transaction which could cost £1000’s…. if not cost you a sale or purchase.

Ill give you two examples which have happened recently.

Example one. the client sent all the forms back to the solicitor (the usual questionnaire packs). she sent the pack in the post. had proof it had been delivered but the solicitor swore blind that it had not been delivered…. now usually, this means you would have to complete the paperwork again and send them again! only in this case there was a cheque, within the same envelope… which, had been cashed! as soon as this was mentioned amazingly the solicitor must of been sitting on it as they found the pack!

Example two. we had a contract delivered to a solicitor by next day, before 1pm delivery. the item was delivered and signed for… (the previous one had been lost at this point, so this was the second contract). the solicitor had said it had been delivered but had been lost and another one would have to be send. the moment “data protection breach” was mentioned… the contract jumped onto the desk and was found!

two very basic situations, which with a bit of organisation wouldn’t of happened. These situations were minor but i promise these are only a few basic ones to explain…

it is so, so important to pick a solicitor with good reviews, no reports of delays or losing paperwork. trust pilot is a great website for reading reviews.

So when you come to pick  your solicitor, do a big of digging, find out the reviews and be sure the one you appoint isnt going to delay the process at all…

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