Window sign for Covid-19 / Coronovirus.

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Window sign for Covid-19 / Coronovirus.

Yes its the big C word again, im sure its up their with most used word of 2020.. directly next to Brexit!

But thats enough about that! – the UK Government are warning people to limit contact as much as possible, work from home if possible and to self isolate.

This can be challenging, especially for those with weak immune systems. Especially when someone knocks at the door!

So we have created two posters! for you (or someone you know) to place in your window to warn people and reduce the risk of infection to the household and those knocking!

Poster 1 – ‘Someone in this house has a weak immune system’
To download your copy click here

Poster 2 – ‘We are self isolating – No Visitors Please’
To download your copy click here.

If you are unable to print off your own copy, don’t worry. We can help! give the office a call on 01268 500988 and we will print a copy off, pop it in an envelope and pop it through your door (don’t worry we will avoid contact).

Hope it helps!

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