you ‘assume’ what i can afford???

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you ‘assume’ what i can afford???

this one makes me laugh!…

So, one of my closest friends is toying with the idea of moving. he currently lives in Benfleet. he has a lovely semi detached property but loves the idea of taking the next step on the ladder and getting a detached property but is fussy on where he wants to buy.

He rang one of the local agent, he saw a property on Rightmove with them. on ringing them and asking to view the property, they went through the usual questions.

Then come over his position. they asked him his position, he told them he had a property he needs to sell first. then they asked what type of property he has.

once he told them, what they said next was shocking.

his property is worth around the £325,000 – £335,000 mark. the place he wanted to view is around the £500-550,000 mark.

now, in a condescending way, the agent commented on how she felt he couldn’t afford to buy the property he wanted to view!!


i know! shocking!.. couple of mistakes here.

  1. she has no idea on what his job is, how much his income (or his partners) or even their financial position as she didn’t ask any of these questions.
  2. She had no idea if he had a mortgage already, as he could of owned him property outright and have savings.
  3. he could of had an inheritance which he was looking to use to top up his purchase.
  4. hell, he could of won the lottery and kept it quiet!

how would she know what he can or cannot afford. i know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he could afford it, his in a good position and has a mortgage agreed up to and beyond that level. but without asking you would never know. instead judgement was passed before asking any questions that could lead to that comment.

so, whats the point of me telling you this?

well, he is really, really fussy. for him to want to view a property it must tick alot of boxes so he may of even proceeded to offer. but as a result of the agents attitude the experience put him off the property and he never went to view it. meaning that seller lost a potential buyer because of the sheer attitude exampled.

It is SO important that the experience for potential buyers is pleasant, they are calling to view a property, not to be judged on what they can or cannot afford (without asking the questions). sure, some could say she was being pro-active, is she asked his budget and he said he could afford £425,000 and it was up at £500-550,000. i potentially would question affordability. BUT no questions were asked in relation to affordability..

the experience should be pleasant, so, if you are on the market with an agent. why not give them a call? ring of your work phone or a friends or relative mobile. and try to book a viewing to see your property. give a dummy name and address and see how it goes… i think you’ll be surprised. if it isn’t pleasant, think of the amount of viewers you could be losing by simply having the wrong attitude or a bad client experience.


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